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I'm Team St. Paul!

St. Paul beats Minneapolis any day of the week! We have the Capitol, Summit Avenue, and the Winter Carnival. St.  Paul is the better city and we are going to prove it by raising more and winning the tug-of-war!

About Fraser

Fraser is Minnesota’s largest and most experienced provider of autism and early childhood mental health services. Fraser serves children and adults through healthcare, housing, education and employment. Our programs are nationally recognized for their high quality, innovation and individualized family-centered approach. Fraser has been serving children and families for over 75 years and is recognized as an innovator in serving those with special needs. Fraser involves the entire family - parents and caregivers are the experts when it comes to their children. Learn more at


Team Brew Card - Team St. Paul

50% of the proceeds is donated to Team St. Paul, supporting Fraser. An additional $2 is donated to the St. Paul Parks and Rec Department.

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The Team Brew Card allows you to enjoy a one-time Buy One, Get One Pint at 31 great Minnesota Breweries. The card fits in your wallet, so you always have it with you! Below are our brewery partners:

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