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About Us

Protecting Paws (PPAR) is based out of Prior Lake, MN. We are a 100% foster based animal rescue. This means that we do not have a facility. All of our animals go directly from the shelter to a foster home, where our amazing foster families work with the animal on any training that may be needed prior to adoption.  We specialize in dogs, cats, and horses. Protecting Paws was founded in November, 2012. We have saved approximately 1625 animals from death row since forming.  We mainly pull dogs from the states of MN, TN, OK, KY,GA, AL, TX, SD, and ND. We will always help our local animals in need prior to out of state animals. We also take owner surrenders.

Team Brew Card - Protecting Paws

50% of the proceeds is donated to Protecting Paws and an additional $2 is donated to YOUR Parks and Rec Department. Please select your city during checkout, so we know where to donate!

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The Team Brew Card allows you to enjoy a one-time Buy One, Get One Pint at 31 great Minnesota Breweries. The card fits in your wallet, so you always have it with you! Below are our brewery partners:

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