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Our Mission

Mission Animal Hospital is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. The guiding mission of our work is to provide high quality veterinary care for those in need. We focus on providing veterinary care to low income groups, the unemployed and the elderly. The Mission team has years of experience in the care and treatment of pets. We come from shelter backgrounds, private practice backgrounds and academic backgrounds. We are bound together by the common goal and determination to support you in maintaining the best possible veterinary care for your family pets. We passionately strive to diagnose and treat a multitude of symptoms in an efficient, respective and humane manner.

Team Brew Card - Mission Animal Hospital

50% of the proceeds is donated to Mission Animal Hospital and an additional $2 is donated to YOUR Parks and Rec Department. Please select your city during checkout, so we know where to donate!

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The Team Brew Card allows you to enjoy a one-time Buy One, Get One Pint at 31 great Minnesota Breweries. The card fits in your wallet, so you always have it with you! Below are our brewery partners:

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