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About Us

Help support our 3rd through 8th grade football teams! 

Donations will go towards upgrading of equipment, banquet, team meals, travel expenses, and more. Donations are vital to the success of our program!

If you could, please pass on our fundraiser by sharing it with your friends through Facebook, Twitter, Text and Email. Our young men have been working hard to properly represent this great school and community. Any support is greatly appreciated!

Team Brew Card - Lakeville North Football

50% of the proceeds is donated to Lakeville North Football and an additional $2 is donated to Lakeville’s Parks and Rec Department.

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The Team Brew Card allows you to enjoy a one-time Buy One, Get One Pint at 31 great Minnesota Breweries. The card fits in your wallet, so you always have it with you! Below are our brewery partners:

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