About Gucci

Hello, thank you for visiting this page. My name is Marill. I am Gucci's owner. We are at the very beginning of our uphill battle. I have created this page to be able to connect with friends and family for easy updates on what's going on with Gucci and also thought this would be a great way to connect to the community and anyone else that has helpful ideas or tips they are willing to share as we start our journey fighting disseminated histoplasmosis.

Histoplasmosis is an internal fungal infection and Disseminated means it's branched out to parts of her body besides her lungs where it was originally. I live in MN and this disease was very likely picked up where she was transported from in Arkansas. It is not contagious. The fungas is found usually under the first layer of dirt right on the grass line. Gucci more than likely dug a bit while playing, got a muzzle full of dirt and that's how it got into her system. She came over from transport with a cough that did get worse and was treated with antibiotics but the histoplasmosis was never detected till it disseminated weeks later and that's when it got serious.

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50% of the proceeds is donated to Gucci Girl and an additional $2 is donated to YOUR Parks and Rec Department. Please select your city during checkout, so we know where to donate!

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