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Our Mission

Companies to Classrooms is a win-win solution for students, teachers, and the environment.

  • Students in need are equipped with school supplies at no cost to them, the teacher or the school.
  • Teachers select needed items from available inventory and purchase at a significant discount.
  • Additional supplies are made available to our public schools without increasing taxes or educational funding.
  • Local businesses have an easy way to support education in their community by recycling their reusable waste. Studies have shown that corporate waste totals over 300,000 tons annually, 90% of which is reusable, but it is simply not cost-efficient to locate a secondary user. Though Companies to Classrooms, tons of reusable materials are kept out of our landfills.
Team Brew Card - Companies to Classrooms

50% of the proceeds is donated to Companies to Classrooms and an additional $2 is donated to YOUR Parks and Rec Department. Please select your city during checkout, so we know where to donate!

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The Team Brew Card allows you to enjoy a one-time Buy One, Get One Pint at 31 great Minnesota Breweries. The card fits in your wallet, so you always have it with you! Below are our brewery partners:

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